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how to find the right hues for your home

One of the most powerful forces in a room's decor is the color palette. Color evokes emotion and adds personality. It can be used to create the illusion of more space in a confined area, or it can create a cozy, intimate setting. Finding the right color can be a challenge, but we are here to share the secrets of how to do it right.

where to start:
  • The best color schemes can be inspired by a single element: a sofa, a rug or a painting. Sometimes the color combinations might not seem obvious without that inspiration piece, but can produce delightful results.
  • Consider how the room will be used, its size, the light sources and the mood you want to create.
  • Lighting from lamps, fixtures or windows affects the way color works in a room. Examine fabrics and paint chips in artificial light as well as natural daylight to help make your choice.
  • When planning large purchases, such as carpeting, wallpaper and large pieces of furniture, choose colors carefully because you will have these items in your home for a long period of time
  • Take a look at color relationships in photography, public places, private homes, fabrics and even clothing. Outdoor, natural settings can be great inspirations for color combinations too.
  • If you aren't completely confident about a color scheme, stick to neutral, simple colors when it comes to large, expensive purchases.
basic color theory
  • Cool colors, in shades of blue, green, purple or gray, can be tranquil or dramatic. Lighter tones of cool hues can make rooms feel less confining. In warm climates, cool colors combined with white can make an entire house feel more comfortable.
  • Warm colors, such as red, yellow, brown, orange and coral, can radiate energy and exuberance when used in dark, vibrant concentrations. Lighter shades of warm tones create a sunny, cozy feeling in a room. If you have a drafty room, reds, yellows and oranges will add a little fire!
  • Bright colors work well in active, casual rooms as they energize the space around them. Rooms with little natural light are enlivened by bright colors. Attention-getting accents in bright colors add spark to rooms with neutral or subdued color schemes.
  • Subdued colors are restful and relaxing, perfect when you want to create a meditative mood.
  • Lights and whites create the illusion of space, making rooms look bigger and ceilings higher. White walls make an excellent neutral background that puts the focus on the furnishings. White furniture imparts a fresh, clean atmosphere.
  • Dark colors absorb light and make rooms look smaller and more intimate. Great for home libraries and studies, dark colors can disguise uneven walls, rough surfaces and ceilings that are too high. Because dark colors dominate, light colored accents add balance to a room.
moody blues - and greens and yellows and reds...
  • Reds Pure red is charged with excitement and can raise the body's metabolic rate. Burgundy is refined and aristocratic while pink is calm, sweet and romantic.
  • Blues Frazzled nerves recover when exposed to blue, the calmest of all colors. Sky blue is young and sporty but royal and navy convey dignity and wealth. Soothing and meditative, soft, pale blue inspires a luxurious feel.
  • Greens Like blue, green is tranquil, especially sea foam and mint. Brighter greens make us happy with reminders of spring while hunter and pine are eloquent and quiet.
  • Yellows Positive and happy, bright yellow can energize a room. Pale yellow, by contrast, can be breezy, spring-like and relaxing.
  • Purples Long associated with royalty, purple is a color of splendor and sophistication. It can invigorate a decor in vibrant hues such as berry, or add a subtle sense of luxury when used in soft combinations with neutrals.
  • Browns Brown represents the natural world whether in the form of wood and leather or in fabrics and wall color. Darker shades are opulent reminding us of chocolate and coffee. Tans and beiges are much lighter in feel as well as color, suggestive of sand or comforting oatmeal. All shades are universally popular and offer great versatility.
  • Black Used sparingly, black can anchor a room with out weighing it down. Black can be very contemporary when combined with bright colors, or elegant when used in contrast with white.
  • Grey Whether a light silvery tone, or a dark charcoal, grey brings sophistication to a color scheme. It can be restful in light tones combined with pastels, or elegant with rich, dark colors.

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